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Interview Tips

Researching the Company

To show initiative and a keen interest for the position it is advisable to research the company and industry in preparation for your interview. The most efficient way to access company information is online. Make yourself familiar with the company’s website and expand your search by using a search engine. Ensure you are knowledgeable and confident around the following:

• Company’s core service offerings – products and services
• Company history, vision and values
• If possible, an understanding of their financial position
• Identify any competitors and the industry as a whole
• Check the “careers” section of the company’ homepage to access the position description or ask your AC consultant

Preparation for Interview

Preparation for an interview is critical to your success. It is best to be familiar with your resume so you can confidently discuss your experience ensuring that you can relate this to the role at hand.

• Ensure you have a copy of your resume and if possible, the position description to take to the interview. Understand the job brief
• Prepare in advance by running through some common interview questions. A mock interview with family and friends will help you prepare to be comfortable in answering questions
• Prepare a list of interview questions to ask the potential employer. Know your strengths and be prepared to ‘sell’ yourself to present yourself in the best possible light.
• Ascertain where the interview will be conducted, obtain clear directions, confirm the time and find out who will be attending the interview.
• Dress like a professional – it is important to make that lasting firm impression!

The Interview

If you have prepared as outlined above, you will be more comfortable at interview and will make a favourable first impression.
Remember the following tips throughout the interview process:-

• Arrive 10-15 minutes early – interviewers are not impressed by lateness
• Turn your mobile phone off
• Ensure you have with you a couple of copies of your resume and the position description
• Try to relax, deep breathing always helps
• Greet your interviewer with a smile, good eye contact and a firm handshake. Thank them for their time.
• Wait for the interviewer to sit down or for them to offer you a chair
• Sit up straight, maintain good eye contact and be interested
• Use practical examples to demonstrate your skills ensuring you relate these examples back to the question. Don’t go off in tangents, avoid one word answers however be concise and clear.
• Speak with clarity and confidence showing enthusiasm for the position.
• Be ready to answer questions around your long term aspirations
• Have your prepared list of questions and when appropriate, run through the most relevant 2-3 questions.

A few things to remember

• Arriving for an interview with the smell of smoke or alcohol on your breath or chewing gum is something that will not impress your interviewer.
• Refrain from talking about previous employers or managers in a negative light
• Talking over the top of your interviewer will show that you are not listening to what they are saying. No one likes to be interrupted!
• Using one word answers such as ‘yes’ or ’no’ suggests that you are not able to articulate your knowledge and experience.
• Avoid enquiring about salary, holidays or bonuses at the initial interview. However, should the interviewer asks you your salary expectation ensure you know your market value. Please refer to our Salary Guide.

Closing the Interview

If the position and the company interest you, enquire about the next stage. Don’t be discouraged if no offer is made or salary discussed. The interviewer will more than likely have other interviews to conduct and colleagues to consult before making a decision.
At the end of the interview, express your appreciation for their time. Shake their hands and remember to smile.

Post Interview

You’ve made it! While fresh in your mind, write some notes about the interview i.e., where you felt you did well, where you could improve and any topics that were not addressed.
Call your Accountancy Connect consultant and run through your feedback. Your consultant will provide your feedback to the client and will manage the process from this point.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the AC team for the great work that I have received from your office.  I hope that all great things will come to pass to your office & to each one of you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove my skills & experiences. Thank you for your kindness & having faith in me. Thank you for being true friends.


Luana, Accounts Payable Officer