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Salary Guide

With our knowledge of the Melbourne accounting market, employment trends and forecasts, Accountancy Connect (‘AC’) are pleased to provide you with our 2017 Salary Guide.

Our Salary Guide, based on our research and experience, provides both senior accounting and accounting support professionals with an up to date insight into salary forecasts and expectations across experience level and business size within the Melbourne market.

Please contact Maree Lacy on 03 9585 2033 to organise a confidential salary assessment specific to your level of experience and expertise.

To Download the Guide in PDF format, click the graphic or download the Salary Guide here.
"On the back of a long term relationship with our business spanning more than 10 years, Maree has facilitated the placement of 2 senior people into our finance team over the last 12 months. In doing so, Maree has spent time deeply understanding the companies requirements and in doing so, has shortlisted quality candidates for discussion ensuring time was not wasted interviewing potential candidates clearly not aligned to what we were searching for. We have used the Accountancy Connect team extensively over the last 10 years and will continue to do so in the future."

Peter, Financial Controller, Construction industry